Celebrating 55 Years Of The Boys & Girls Club Of Otero County

April 24, 2022  •  3 Comments



  On Saturday, April 23rd, The Boys & Girls Club Of Otero County Celebrated 55 Years Of Service To Our Community With A Huge Car Show, Craft And Vendor Fair At Their Facility, Located At 201 Dale Scott Avenue In Alamogordo. - Great Futures Have Started Being Provided Here Since 1967!

 Our Community Came Together In Full Support Of The Mission. From Current Club Members, Volunteers & Staff, To Club Members From Generations Ago Came Together & Were All So Excited To See Such A Remarkable Turnout!



20220423102200_IMG_206220220423102200_IMG_2062 The Car Show Was So Cool! - We Saw The Sportiest 428 Nestled Inside A Gorgeous Green Ford Mustang Mach 1. 


20220423102151_IMG_206120220423102151_IMG_2061 20220423102223_IMG_206320220423102223_IMG_2063 A Killer Custom 1927 T-Bucket (That Probably Could Use WIDER Rear Tires!?). 








Judge McCutcheon Was All About Supporting The Club's Event Today, Bringing Out His Remarkable, Award Winning, Red '23 Ford Convertable T-Bucket! 





20220423102429_IMG_206720220423102429_IMG_2067 20220423102411_IMG_206620220423102411_IMG_2066 And CHECK THE CHROME Under The Hood Of This Chevy SS Supercar!?





20220423104043_IMG_207520220423104043_IMG_2075  My Personal Dreamcar Has Always Been An AC Cobra, And I Got To See One Of The Mid Sixties' Menacing Monster Of A Muscle Car On Display, In Black With Gold Racing Stripes! 





20220423105350_IMG_208420220423105350_IMG_2084 20220423123610_IMG_214720220423123610_IMG_2147 20220423105359_IMG_208520220423105359_IMG_2085
20220423105550_IMG_208920220423105550_IMG_2089 WHAT A BEAUTY! The Spirit Of The Dukes Of Hazzard Were Screaming "YEEEHAW!" When I Saw The General Lee In Attendance. Jason's Father/Son Dream Project Came To Reality & Just Seeing This Beautiful Legend Left Me Speechless.





20220423094419_IMG_205620220423094419_IMG_2056 20220423123726_IMG_215120220423123726_IMG_2151

20220423110824_IMG_210320220423110824_IMG_2103  Immaculate Car Club OG Daniel Gutierez Was Actively Participating In The Celebration With The Immaculate Crew. - This Loyal Crew Is Active In The Community & Often Seen Together... Just Cruisin' !






20220423105511_IMG_208820220423105511_IMG_2088 Anthony Fresquez, Member Of The Mafiosos Car Club,  Rolled In In His 6-4, And Man, All Stood At Full Attention To Salute This Legendary Blue Lowrider! 




20220423123537_IMG_214620220423123537_IMG_2146 Check The Custom Artwork On This Classic Chevy! 





20220423123915_IMG_215220220423123915_IMG_2152 I Was Honored To Have Bumped Into Mafiosos OG Orlie Lucero & See His 79 T-Bird & INSANE Streetglide Harley Bagger! Orlie Also Wants To Remind Everyone To Come Out Get To Know The Crew, Their Cars & Support Their Cinco De Mayo Car Show At ICC Church, From 9AM-3PM On May 5th!





20220423124908_IMG_216220220423124908_IMG_2162 20220423125019_IMG_216420220423125019_IMG_2164
We Got To See Some Rare Vehicles!  A Studebaker, A Nash... 





20220423124333_IMG_215520220423124333_IMG_2155 20220423124347_IMG_215720220423124347_IMG_2157 20220423124254_IMG_215420220423124254_IMG_2154
We Were Also Lucky Enough TO Run Into My Friend & Neighbor, Al Hernandez! In Turn, Al Introduced Me To This Man! ... Local Legend, Artist, Author ("An Outlaw Called Kid"), Historian & Badass 64 Ford Truck Owner, Zeke Castro





20220423124825_IMG_215920220423124825_IMG_2159 20220423124803_IMG_215820220423124803_IMG_2158 20220423110633_IMG_209920220423110633_IMG_2099 20220423110730_IMG_210120220423110730_IMG_2101 20220423110842_IMG_210420220423110842_IMG_2104



 Inside The Club, Aside From The Relief Of Being Out Of The Unusually Warm Day & Direct Sunlight, We Enjoyed The Ability To Shop The Selection From Over 30 Local Vendors & Artists With Each Featuring Incredibly Unique Items & Personalized Gifts. WHICH MADE FOR GREAT BROWSING, MINGLING, AND SHOPPING!




20220423112033_IMG_211620220423112033_IMG_2116 20220423111941_IMG_211220220423111941_IMG_2112 20220423111925_IMG_211120220423111925_IMG_2111 20220423112020_IMG_211520220423112020_IMG_2115 20220423112054_IMG_211720220423112054_IMG_2117 Local Artist, Owner Of 5th Street Custom Engraving, LLC, Ann Hernandez, Had On Display Customized & Engraved Woodworks (Cutting Boards, Signs, Coasters, Ornament & Wall Art), Stainless Steel Tumblers, Plaques, Leatherworks & More! - All Personalized WIth Text, Pics, And Logos For Your Family, Group, Favorite Sports Team Or Organization! 






  20220423115607_IMG_211820220423115607_IMG_2118 20220423115752_IMG_211920220423115752_IMG_2119 We Visited With Mr & Mrs Bunker! Audrey Has Somehow Been In The Business Of Finding & Selling The Coolest Vintage & Historical Items! From Jewelry, Antiques, Gifts, Clothing, Electronics & Toys, The Bunkers Are A Great Resource For You Collectors! -Not To Mention Two Of The Coolest & Kindest People You Will Ever Meet. Contact Audrey WHen YHou Need Vintage, Etc. [email protected])






20220423120629_IMG_212120220423120629_IMG_2121 20220423120542_IMG_212020220423120542_IMG_2120 I Got To Visit With The Beautiful Rhonda & Autumn! The Mom & Daughter Team Behind Crazy Crafty Crafters! - Featuring Gorgeous Hand-Made Crystal Jewelry, Suncatchers, Car Charms & More! They Are Incredible Artists! And, You Know, I Don't Think Anyone Has Ever Seen Either One Of These Two Ladies Without A Smile On!

 The Mother E's Of Crafting Were Busy Selling Buttons, Decals, Tumblers, Keychains. Call/Text 1-915-603-8842

I Know The Ladies Running Desert Rose Handcrafted Beauty Products, LLC Were Busy Describing Their Passion For Making Body Scrubs, Whipped Body Butters, Various Scents & Exfoliants, Etc.






20220423120847_IMG_212220220423120847_IMG_2122  I Was Able To Mingle With Chelsea Martinez About Her Line Of Mary Kay Items & What Is Hot Now. Chelsea Says Deep Cleaning Charcoal Mask (Wipe-Off/ No Peel!) Is The Hot Item Right Now. Her Hottest Service Was The Free Pampering She Was Offering During This Event!






20220423121204_IMG_212420220423121204_IMG_2124 Also, While Between Customers, I Was Able To Ask Amanda, Artist/Owner/Creator Who Was Surrounded By Handmade, Woven Pot Holders, Cup Sleeves, Etc.  What Her Hottest Item Of The Day Was At Her Cada De Granja Crafts & Gifts Booth, And Without Hesitation, She Introduced Me To Her Reusable Water Balloons!






  20220423121324_IMG_212520220423121324_IMG_2125 I Will Tell You Noone Was Busier Than Lissette Gardner And Leah Schafer! Repping Messy Bun Layy Man, They Were Crafting! Keeping Their Supplies Up With The Demand For Their Popular Badge Reels & Badge Buddies Today Was Incredible To Watch. The Coolest Little Addictably Collectible Trinkets! - Handmade - With A Passion! (Currently Taking & Making Requests Through The Messy Bun Layy Facebook Page)






20220423121833_IMG_212620220423121833_IMG_2126 I Got To Meet Catherine Hernandez, A Young, Accomplished Local Jeweler And Owner Of Cat's Jewel Creations, Was Able To Offer Up An Incredible Assortment Of Bracelets, Beads & Accessories.  And Is Shown Here Displaying Her Favorite New Piece That Was Made Using A Guitar Pick As Part Of It's Focal Point!






20220423122043_IMG_212920220423122043_IMG_2129 20220423122142_IMG_213120220423122142_IMG_2131  We Were Able To Catch Up With The Always Amazing Maggie May (Owner/Designer/Producer At Desert Rain Company) Who Is Designing Everything From T-Shirts, Glassware & Custom Drinkware. Visit www.desertrainco.com To See More Of Her Incredible Creative Artwork! 






  20220423122447_IMG_213820220423122447_IMG_2138 20220423122347_IMG_213520220423122347_IMG_2135 20220423122359_IMG_213620220423122359_IMG_2136 20220423122420_IMG_213720220423122420_IMG_2137 I Was Also Incredibly Honored To Meet Pat Juzenas, Owner Of PATS (Painted Altered, Transformed Scrap) Whos Handcrafted Art Is Made Using Recycled Material, Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary!  Bottles, Wands, Tin Cans & Really Cool Creations. Contact Pat Via Email - [email protected]






 Life In The Desert Would Not Be As Sweet Or Cool Without Alamogordo's Swamp Donkey Shaved Ice & Snack Shack! "Tiger's Blood" Was On The Menu & Was Today's Hottest Seller. (And The Hotter It Got In The Afternoon, The More Shaved Ice They Sold!?)











20220423123400_IMG_214020220423123400_IMG_2140  I Was Starting To Work Up A Hunger, And To My Surprise, Rodney Sharmack Had My Back! - Representing The Sarap Food TruckI Was Blessed With The Tastiest Breakfast Burrito Ever! It Was Made With Love & The Tastiest Mexican-Philipino Fusion Flavor! Also Offering Up Steak Tacos, Chicken Adobo Nachos, Fusion Fried Rice, Quesadillas & More! - THANK YOU AGAIN FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE BREAKFAST, SARAP!






20220423123457_IMG_214420220423123457_IMG_2144  Rick's Sal Limon Y Chile Food Truck Was Also Present! Hottest Items On  The Menu Today: The Crowd Favorite "Monster Burrito", Street Corn, Hot Cheetos W/Cheese, Etc!






And Coach Gonzales From Mountain View Middle School Has Family In THe Food Truck Business! The Rollin' Up Food Truck! As I Found Out While Standing In Line For What He Said The Hottest Item Of The Day Today Was... Specialty Hot Dogs! - And Though THere Were Plenty Of Specialties, None Looked More Special Than Their "Bacon Dog". I Mean, Simply Because... BACON! - YUM!!!! (Uros, Gyro Salads Also Hot Sellers At The Event).

Also Showing Up In Full Support Of The Boys & Girls Club Was Marcus & Amber Wilson Of Carolina Boi BBQ! Incredible People. DELICIOUS FOOD!  -Ribs, Pulled Pork, Sausage. Baked Beans, Mac & Cheese... I Can't Wait To Visit Again Already.








Big Things Are Happening For The Kids & This Club As Of Late & This Lady Is The Mover & Shaker Who Is Making BIG Things Happen! Pam Cisneros, CEO At The Boys & Girls Club Of Otero County (Seen Here) Was All Smiles Due To The Success Of The Event & Presence Of Some Of Her Dream Cars! (Join Me In Thanking Pam For All She Does For The Children And This Community!) THANK YOU PAMELA! 






20220423105322_IMG_208320220423105322_IMG_2083  "If This Event Is Going To Be Judged By It's Attendance Level, You Can See This Will Be Considered A Huge Success." Said Joshua Sides, The Man Who Tirelessly Works To Better This Community & Coordinates Our City's BIGGEST PARTIES! Joshua Is Our City's Current Event Coordinator (And Board Member For The Boys & Girls Club Of Otero County). If You See This Man Around At Your Next Big Event, Hold On To Your Hats! Chances Are, YOU'RE IN FOR ONE HECKUVA PARTY! THANK YOU JOSHUA!




Meet Alamogordo's Master Overstreet

September 09, 2021  •  71 Comments


Meet Master David Overstreet: 

David Overstreet was born and raised in Alamogordo and graduated from Alamogordo High School in 1986 when he enjoyed participating on the speech/debate and golf teams. After graduation, he left to pursue his education earning a BBA in Business Administration at Baylor University and then graduating magna cum laude from University of Alabama School of Law in where he began training in TaeKwonDo. 

David Overstreet worked as an attorney in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Alabama as well as Las Cruces handling both criminal and civil law. In 2001, he returned to his roots in the Tularosa Basin and began practicing law in his dad’s law office and currently has an active law license in New Mexico.

David Overstreet has taught classes at NMSU-A since 2005. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor at NMSU-A teaching Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies courses which keeps him current in the developments in criminal justice and a wide range of legal fields and challenged by the perspectives of a new group of students each semester.


David Overstreet started training in TaeKwonDo in law school. The training evolved from a passion for personal improvement in Alabama in 1992 to the opening of Overstreet TaeKwonDo Academy in Alamogordo in 2001. Overstreet TaeKwonDo Academy and its members have raised tens of thousands of dollars for local and national charities, won numerous regional, national and world championship titles and continue to work to have a positive impact on Alamogordo and HAFB.


David Overstreet currently holds the rank of 6th Degree Master and Certified Instructor in Tiger Rock Martial Arts. Over the years, he and the other instructors have worked to improve the quality of life of their students and our community by combating the pitfalls of modern society through contemporary classes which promote self-esteem and confidence, teach discipline and self-control, help channel energy, develop lifelong self-defense skills, and encourage positive work ethic and academic values. He has been committed helping our community by using his efforts and using the TaeKwonDo Academy as a force multiplier for the efforts of the students and families who can do so in community events such as Take Back the Night, Relay for Life, Lady of the Mountain Run.

FRONT KICK (SIDE VIEW) EDIT 2 copyFRONT KICK (SIDE VIEW) EDIT 2 copyChayakorn Buntharaksa

David Overstreet also serves for other organizations that work for the public good. 

TWIST KICK EDIT  copyTWIST KICK EDIT copyChayakorn Buntharaksa
Board Member, Center of Civic Values – supports the high school mock trial competition in New Mexico
Commissioner, Human Rights Commission – hears complaints and issues orders concerning alleged unlawful discrimination practices
Member, New Mexico State Bar, 12th Judicial District Bench and Bar
Member, Alamogordo Public Schools Facility Master Plan Steering Committee
Past member Rotary Club of White Sands, Recipient Paul Harris Fellow
Past Honorary Commander, 49th Operation Support Squadron


He was born to S. Thomas Overstreet who has been practicing law in Alamogordo since before he was born and Deanna Overstreet foreman of the Diamond O Ranch who holds a master’s degree in English from NMSU. He is married to Beth Overstreet who works with the 12th Judicial District as a Certified Court Monitor. She was born in Paducah Kentucky, and currently uses her green thumb to transform their yard to be as green as possible in Southern New Mexico. His son, Michael Overstreet, attends Alamogordo High School and enjoys most sports, and currently plays golf and tennis for AHS.

front kick editfront kick editconcrete floor and smoke background

The Overstreet family is still serving & inspiring our community to this day. If you get a minute, please tell them thank you for their hard work! - Or Else! 😆 
#Alamogordo #Legends #MikeMasonPhotography #TKD



Sounds Of Freedom 2021

August 21, 2021  •  4 Comments

Tularosa Village Character

August 16, 2021  •  3 Comments

 The Village Of Tularosa, New Mexico Is Full Of Pride, History, Tradition & Character! Historic Buildings Like This Remind Us Of How Things Used To Be Built. Notice The Thickness Of These Old Walls!

20210816185035_IMG_9401~220210816185035_IMG_9401~2Tularosa, New Mexico. You'll Be Hard Pressed To Find A Village With More History, Pride & Character.

Notice Also All Of The Stray Nails In The Walls... Chile Ristras?

20210816185017_IMG_9400~220210816185017_IMG_9400~2Early Adobe Abode, Wood, Nails & Concrete

The Trouble With Some Of These Homes, Though, Is Not How They Were Constructed, But WHERE They Were Constructed...

 For Instance, Look At The Placement Of This Home. 

(Walk Out The Front Door & Step Directly Onto US Highway 70!?)


Aside From Being A Safety Issue (Especially For The Children Growing Up In The Home!)...

20210816185017_IMG_940020210816185017_IMG_9400  Could You Imagine? You Gotta Go From Zero To 60 mph Just To Get Out Of Your Driveway!?


👀 😆 


November 22, 2020  •  2 Comments



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